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Graphite rotor and shaft 3

Graphite rotor and shaft  3
  • Product Name: Graphite rotor and shaft 3
  • Post Date: 2017/6/16
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Detailed Specifications

Graphite rotor and shaft
Usually, we use extrude material making graphite degassing system, and doing an anti-oxidation treatment on the surface, which can make the lifetime longer.  Size can be producing according to customer’s requirement.

Graphite rotor and shaft is mainly used in liquid aluminum and aluminum alloy purification process, to improve the purity of aluminum and aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purification of gas and solvent mixed with the use of the rotor of the graphite rotor to the aluminum melt in the purification process is currently the international advanced processing methods.
The antioxidant of graphite rotor produced by our company is aiming at the defect of graphite rotor in high temperature under aerobic conditions easy oxidation, easily broken, abrasion resistance, selection of high-quality domestic graphite materials are reasonable collocation, with no pollution to molten aluminum, by my company independent research and development of high temperature resistant graphite antioxidant, through design and manufacture company the antioxidant treatment production line equipment, through impregnation, calcination, precision machining, create our unique antioxidant graphite rotor, with aerobic conditions under high temperature, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistant, high surface hardness, flexural and compressive strength of the large long-term continuous use of 60-90 days, largely reduce the user online degassing machine precision aluminum casting production cost.
Working principle:
The rotating rotor breaks the nitrogen (or argon) blown into the aluminum melt into a large number of dispersed bubbles, which are dispersed in the molten metal. In the melt, the gas is absorbed by the hydrogen in the melt by the differential pressure of the gas and the principle of surface adsorption, and the slag is adsorbed and oxidized.
Working conditions:
The end of the impeller and the shaft of the rotor part of the graphite into 690 DEG -780 DEG C aluminum liquid rotation, rotation speed of 500 rev / min, a work of 1 to 2 hours a day to work for 4 to 6 times. According to the working condition of the equipment, the graphite rotor can work continuously.
Product features:
1, graphite rotor made of high-quality graphite material;
2, graphite materials after oxidation treatment, the service life can reach more than 10 times the ordinary products;
3, widely used in high purity aluminum industry and aluminum alloy casting industry;
4, cast in aluminum foil, Aluminum Alloy hub aluminum processing industry in general, the service life of graphite rotor in 5 ~ 15 days, and my company in the oxidation of graphite rotor without mechanical damage factors and conditions, the normal use of the average life span of 90 to 120 days, or even longer.


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